Introducing the KEA KIT.  A compact and modular outdoor survival system to help you better prepare for all your outdoor adventures. 
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When heading into the great outdoors, being fully prepared can literally mean the difference between life and death. 
The KEA KIT is built to go with you on any adventure and offers unmatched organisation, versatility and reliability. 
Including everything you need and nothing you don't to help you better prepare for all your adventures

Whether it's a short hike or a multi-day adventure, with the KEA KIT you're always prepared for any situation, giving you the confidence to explore further. 

When you think of survival kits, you mostly think cheap crap right?...
With most options offering unorganised, poor quality gear that doesn't even cover the basic essentials we decided it was time to do things better.

That's why we created the KEA KIT. We reimagined the survival kit from the ground up and designed a kit that covers just the essentials. So you're always ready for whatever the wild throws at you.

The KEA KIT is organised into the 5 pillars of outdoors survival. Medical, Shelter, Water, Fire & Tools. 
Providing quick and easy access at a moments to ensure you are ready to respond when it's needed most.

The durable and water-resistant cases protect your gear against the elements and include over 40 items of just the most essential, quality survival gear, curated by outdoor experts.
The KEA KIT is built to suit all your outdoor adventures, no matter where in the world you are.
Customise and adjust to suit any trip, long or short. Whether you hiking in the forest, climbing a mountain, camping by the lake, fishing/hunting the backcountry, or just heading on a wild road-trip. Carry the KEA KIT to ensure your prepared for anything.
The KEA KIT is named after the rare and spectacular native New Zealand Alpine Parrot. The only Parrot in the world to live in such inhospitable conditions, it is famed for its cunning and resourceful nature.
The Kea is listed as 
endangered and we look forward to supporting it's conservation in the future.
Who we are:
Matt Butler is the creator of the KEA KIT and an outdoor adventure guide based in Wanaka, New Zealand.
Matt understands first hand how quickly things can go wrong in the outdoors and how important it is to be fully prepared.
"Preparation is the key to survival in the wild. The KEA KIT was built to help make all your outdoor adventures safer and we look forward to sharing it with you soon"
Matt Butler, Creator of KEA KIT
beREDI Outdoors
Wanaka, New Zealand